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Required Equipment

Once you make it past the beginner class you are going to need a few things. Below is some gear descriptions and links to supply vendors to help you figure out what you may need. Gear can get expensive very quickly and it is recommended you invest on a good mask and electric vest while going for cheaper options in the other equipment. The gear that wears out the quickest is cords, weapons, electric vests, and shoes (in that order). Most equipment is bought online but there are a few brick and mortor locations. You can also buy gear directly at tournaments.  As always our in-house supplier is a great option!

The Basics




The first thing every fencer needs: 

- Socks must be knee length

- Shoes should be indoor court shoes with a rounded outsole heel.

- Pants should be flexible

- Bags will be used to contain all weapons and clothing. Get a durable bag with a lot of room. 

The basic layer of all fencers. Jackets are available in both left and right handed options.

A good glove will make a huge difference. Every glove should fit tight at the beginning because overtime they will loosen slightly. Still, watch out that they aren't too tight. Fingers should bend easily. 

Underarm protectors are required for competition. It is highly recommended you get one even if not competing for added practice comfort.

Soft plastic chest protectors are required for competing women but not for men.








A good mask will last you for years. Quality and pricy vary greatly however we recommend splurging on a mask with a removable inner lining for washing purposes. All other features are up to the discretion of the fencer.

Lamés are available in both left and right handed versions. It is recommended to not store folded or wash to preserve longevity.

Weapons can be broken down into two major parts 1) the grip and 2) the blade. Grips come in different shapes and you may be comfortable with a specific type. Blades come in different stiffness values and quality can vary greatly. 

Weapons are shaped specific to foil, epee, and saber.

These will break. ALOT. Most fencing Gear problems originate here. There are different cords for the three weapons so make sure you get the right ones. 

fencing bag.jpg

Links to equipment sites

Has a great range of equipment that is pretty affordable but also good access to high end gear. Also has a helpful brick and mortar storefront in Escondido. 

Has a great range of equipment that is pretty affordable. Local support at the club available when shopping through Gladius

Absolute fencing is a good east coast main line brand that has slightly different cuts and styles which taller fencers tend to like more. See sizing charts.

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